Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why Am I Here?

I have decided to start a blog... Obviously... I feel like there is no good way to start your first youtube video or write out the beginning of your first blog post. I just seems weird, some people say, “Hi my name is so and so and welcome to my blog.” or, “This is my first blog post hope you enjoy!” Now that I have written the intro let me introduce myself, well, this is my blog… my anonymous blog that is. Obviously it would be easier to say my name but then I would not be able to write about things I would like to, for privacy reasons. So I have decided to remain anonymous, that means that all names mentioned in this blog have been changed. I have tried to keep a journal, I have had a failed attempt at youtube when I was younger, and I have tried to talk to other people, but sometimes there is no one to talk to. It felt weird writing to myself in a journal, all of these words on a page not for anyone but me and what was I going to do with them they were already mine, in my head. I was to young and didn’t have a camera accept for the one on my computer so the youtube thing didn't really work out. I sometimes find it hard to talk to  people even if there is someone there that I trust. I am a very emotional person so I can let my emotions override my rationality. This is a place where I can express my feelings freely and hopefully if you guys have the same problem I can help you out to, and vice versa obviously. On this blog I will talk about life, travel, and my favorite makeup!!

The Bumbling Beauty xxx


  1. Love this post so nice and touching. I know how you feel I am a very shy person myself but my blog helps me open up to people all around the world. Love your blog design keep it up and you will some day be a successful blogger

    1. Thank You So Much!!! I definitely feel like I can open up more on my blog rather than in person. Being shy can be so annoying sometimes!! Wish I could just get over it all at once!

      The Bumbling Beauty xxx