Monday, April 20, 2015

Stressful Situations

I have recently had exams and for a lot of people including me they are very stressful. I never really had a way to get rid of my stress or a way to decrease my stress, I usually just deal with it. However now that my grades can affect what college I get into my stress level has been through the roof. People have told me to take deep breaths, get exercise, or to do something you enjoy to relax but nothing has worked for me. I always find doing those things most of the time give me more stress and anxiety. I have never had a panic attack *knock on wood* and I am grateful for that. When I do something thats supposed to distract me from something stressful my brain starts screaming and hollering for me to do something productive. I have always wondered how it works for other people. I think my brain is just always thinking and changing thoughts so fast that everything is always on my mind. How do you guys deal with stress? Leave your coping strategies in the comments below!

The Bumbling Beauty xxx

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